Young Leaders Initiative


The Brooke USA Young Leaders Initiative activates equestrian professionals from varying disciplines and facets of the industry. 

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Led by Chairwoman Paige Bellissimo, the Young Leaders Initiative works actively within each member’s locality, as well as within the equestrian community. The Young Leaders Initiative activates budding trailblazers and helps them to acquire the skills and awareness they need to be effective changemakers. With these young leaders, we are creating a distinct and influential social sector that can support and strengthen our work. 

Working equines in some of the poorest parts of the world depend on the future generations to actively fundraise and continue to grow philanthropically. The Brooke USA Young Leaders Initiative encourages networking, fosters philanthropy and mentors the young leaders of the industry as they grow in the new era of giving. The Young Leaders Initiative is comprised of inspired and engaged leaders who bring energy, creativity, and new perspectives to the sector, and are prepared to encourage social change for equids, humans and the economy alike.

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