Brooke launched an ambitious global strategy in April 2016 which sets the organizational priorities and plans for the next five years.

The lives and welfare of people and animals are intertwined. Over 100 million working horses, donkeys and mules provide invaluable support to daily life for an estimated 600 million people (eight percent of the world's population) in some of the poorest places in the world, through haulage, transportation and production. Healthy working horses, donkeys and mules help to put food on their tables, send their children to school and build better futures for themselves and their families.

Brooke will always treat an animal in need but the sheer scale of the cause means that thinking bigger and smarter is paramount.

2015/16 was a transitional year to refine Brooke’s global infrastructure and complete the implementation of an improved operating model and in 2017, Brooke commenced the implementation of its effectiveness framework to accurately measure its impact on working equine welfare. By 2018, Brooke will have completed its global roll out. 

As well as continuing to reduce the immediate suffering of the world’s most vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules, Brooke’s new strategic goals are to achieve global impact and sustainable improvement. This drive for large-scale lasting change will be supported through further embedding advocacy with local, regional and national governments to develop policies that promote the recognition of the role of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries and protect their welfare.

Brooke knows that the welfare of a working animal depends on the people that own and use the animal. In recent years, Brooke has been delivering an increasing amount of community training and support to share better welfare practices.

Brooke relieves the immediate suffering of working equines and creates lasting change by working with people, communities and organizations.

Brooke will build animal welfare capacity in all the countries in which it has field operations. Brooke will continue to learn from its programmers and from others to further evidence, refine and promote equine welfare with partners around the world.

Brooke’s Strategic Goals

Global Reach

To help more working animals in need in more places around the world.

Sustainable Improvement

To make lasting change by working with a wide range of people and organizations that can directly or indirectly improve the lives of working animals.

Brooke’s Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Increase the scale and reach of our work with animals

  • More working horses, donkeys and mules in greatest need will be reached.
  • Policies and laws will change to make a positive difference to working horses, donkeys and mules.
  • Recognition of contribution of working horses, donkeys and mules to livelihoods will be improved.
  • Partnership and collaboration with other organizations will be increased to extend our reach.

Objective 2

Grow income and awareness to increase impact

  • A diverse funding portfolio will deliver increased annual net income.
  • Cost income ratios will be more efficient.
  • External audiences and potential donors will know more about Brooke.

Objective 3

Deliver programs to Brooke standards

  • Empowered communities will make change happen through collaboration, shared learning and specialist expertise.
  • Sustainable health, farriers and other services that people can rely on will be available long after we have gone. 
  • Policy-makers’ perspectives will be changed with evidence and advocacy. 
  • Research and learning will further strengthen our approach.

Objective 4

 Increase accountability to donors and beneficiaries

  • Ability to measure impact in the short and long term will be improved through implementation of a robust and systematic monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Plans that rest on accurate and transparent data will increase effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Sustained welfare improvements after exit will be evidenced. 
  • Optimal use of available resources will maximize value.


Download the Brooke Global Strategy Here

With Your Help We Can Reduce The Immediate Suffering Of The World’s Most Vulnerable Working Horses, Donkeys And Mules, Achieve Global Impact, And Make Sustainable Improvements.