Patrons and Ambassadors

Brooke Patrons, Ambassadors, and Advocates

Princess Alia bint al Hussein of Jordan - Brooke Patron

Her Royal Highness Princess Alia bint Al Hussein of Jordan is a member of the Jordanian Royal family, and sister to the King of Jordan, Abdullah II bin al-Hussein.  Princess Alia has been influential in helping the Brooke’s work in Jordan over the last few years and continues to play a vital role in supporting our work to ensure that local veterinary care is available for horses and donkeys in Petra. She has worked directly with the Brooke since 1988. 

Charlotte Dujardin OBE- Brooke Global Ambassador

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, European Champion, and World Champion dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin became a Brooke Global Ambassador in 2014.  She said, "I’m very proud to be associated with a cause that is committed to making a real difference to the lives of animals that are less fortunate than those we have here in the UK."

Monty Roberts - Brooke Global Ambassador

Internationally renowned ‘horse whisperer’ Monty Roberts has been a Brooke Global Ambassador since 2014, after he witnessed the Brooke's work in India. He said, "It really opened my eyes to the welfare problems that exist amongst working equines. At times it was unbearable and the suffering I witnessed, especially at the equine fair, will stay with me forever. But, on the plus side, I also saw the wonderful work that the Brooke is doing to improve the welfare of these animals. There is a lot of work to do, and I am honored to help the Brooke in whatever way I can."      Watch a video of Monty seeing the Brooke's work in India.    

Margaret Hamilton Duprey - Brooke USA Ambassador

Margaret Duprey has been steeped in the equestrian world all of her life. Her deep level of commitment has made her Cherry Knoll Farm a household name in high-performance dressage and show jumping circles. She said, “Brooke USA stands out above the rest as an international equine welfare organization.  What really enticed me is how they educate communities, owners and governments to take care of their working equines.  Education is the pillar to change, and it is something I believe in very strongly.”

Debbie McDonald - Brooke USA Ambassador

Olympic Medalist and World Cup Finals Champion Debbie McDonald is known as "The First Lady of American Dressage."  She said, "When I saw Brooke USA’s photos, read the material and learned about their mission, it didn’t take me five seconds to realize that when you don’t know what’s going on you never realize how sad something can be. I certainly would do anything in my power to help this amazing organization.”

Allison Brock - Brooke USA Ambassador

Olympic Bronze medallist and International Grand Prix rider Allison Brockhas been a Brooke supporter for many years and became an official Brooke USA Ambassador in 2015.  She said, “I think Brooke USA is one of the best charities around for working horses and donkeys. They actually educate people on how to take care of them, and they work towards a more sustainable, long term quality care of the animal. To me it’s the best case scenario because when you help the animals the owners benefit, too.”

Nic Roldan - Brooke USA Ambassador

A fourth-generation polo player, Nic Roldan made history at 15 when he became the youngest player ever to win the United States Open Polo Championship—a distinction he still holds. Nic Roldan’s name is on the trophies of almost every leading polo tournament in the U.S.  He has won on five continents at every goal level and continues to gain worldwide acclaim.  “Having the privilege of being in an equine sport in the U.S. makes us obligated to improve the welfare of donkeys, mules and horses in much less fortunate countries. The animals are suffering because their owners don’t know any better. What the Brooke does is great in bringing education to the owners and free veterinary care to the animals.” 

Boyd Martin - Brooke USA Ambassador

US Eventing Team member, Olympian Boyd Martin was the top US finisher at the 2010 and 2015 World Equestrian Games, a member of the 2012 US Olympic Team, and a member of the gold medal winning US Team at the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Boyd has produced numerous horses to the four-star level and has many successful students at all levels of the sport. He and his wife Silva, a Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer, own and operate Windurra USA in Cochranville, PA and spend winters at Stable View Farm in Aiken, SC. 


Kasey Perry-Glass - Brooke USA Ambassador

Olympian Kasey Perry-Glass joined Brooke USA in November 2016, shortly after riding to the 2016 team bronze medal at the Rio Olympics as part of the U.S. Olympic Dressage team. “My main motivation for becoming an ambassador for Brooke USA is our mutual love for the animals, and the importance of caring for them. The impact that Brooke has in so many countries in terms of educating people on proper care of their working equines is amazing. It was very inspiring to see an organization like this. It’s very close to my heart.”

She currently divides her time between her Wellington, Florida, winter base and Hailey, Idaho.

Laura Kraut - Brooke USA Advocate

Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Kraut became an official Brooke USA Advocate in 2015.  She said, “How could you not want to help? Looking at the Brooke’s photographs and hearing the stories will initially bring you to tears, but it quickly turns to hope and excitement when you learn about their practical, proven, sustainable solutions to these serious equine welfare issues.”  She continued, “While we may jump for sport, these owners are counting on the income generated by their animals to keep their children from going hungry each night.”