noun [im-pakt]; verb [im-pakt]

influence; effect: the impact of Brooke on the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules, and the people they serve.

Brooke knows that the true measure of its effectiveness is how well it performs its mission. When looking at impact, there are two critical buckets to consider: the what and the how.

  • What is Brooke trying to change in the world?
  • How is Brooke doing it?
  • How is Brooke measuring that change?

To measure the impact of Brooke’s work, the organization uses an approach called the Effectiveness Framework. This looks at all work aspects in order to determine organizational effectiveness and mission delivery. For example, Brooke monitors service provision, community engagement and advocacy programs to ascertain their individual or combined effect on the animals served.

Brooke works towards eight outcomes of sustainable change:

  1. Quality healthcare for working equines
  2. Use and uptake of healthcare services on equines
  3. Sustainable healthcare services for equines
  4. Behavior change of owners, users and caregivers
  5. Social change within the wider community
  6. Change in engagement and priority of equine welfare
  7. Change in policy, legislation and practice as it relates to equines
  8. Strengthened alliances and support for equine welfare


Evidence-Based Tools

Brooke uses proven techniques to collect and analyze data. With animals, this involves examining and recording information from groups of animals using Brooke’s own welfare assessment tool. Brooke repeats this after a period of time in the same location to see what changes have occurred. Brooke also collects information from owners and communities, service providers and policy makers with whom the organization works.

Case Studies

Brooke collects descriptions, photos and stories of success about the animals and people involved, to learn its field experiences.

Impact matters to the volunteers, donors and foundations that invest their time and money. Impact allows them to turn their beliefs into action.

With Your Help We Can Reduce The Immediate Suffering Of The World’s Most Vulnerable Working Horses, Donkeys And Mules, Achieve Global Impact, And Make Sustainable Improvements.