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This is a great year-round way to support Brooke programs throughout the world with your donations.  They're also a wonderful way to honor or remember beloved people and pets, to acknowledge accomplishments of your clients and co-workers, and to celebrate holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, other special occasions, and "just because."




For many working equines there’s little comfort when the working day is over. After they have finished a long day of work, they're often left to spend a cold night outside. Plummeting temperatures, snow, ice, and freezing rain lead to breathing difficulties and other problems for these animals who are also lacking good body condition and healthy coats that would normally help to keep them warm. Choose this amount and you could help us provide items such as warm and cuddly blankets to protect animals from the bitter cold. It could also allow Brooke to teach owners the importance of providing adequate shelter for their animals to protect them from winter winds as well as blazing summer sun and flies.

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Show you care with a gift that brings vital support to hard-working mares and their foals.  From providing access to services like Brooke-trained vets and farriers, to helping owners understand their animal better, your gift could help mares and foals have a healthier life.  Sometimes owners need to be reminded that new moms need extra food, and time off of work to nurse their foals, and that foals need bonding time with their moms.  So not only does Brooke help with the medical side of ensuring a better life for both, Brooke also encourages owners to consider the emotional needs of moms and babies to make them both happier and more productive.

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Equines working in brick kilns and coal mines endure very harsh working conditions. The heat is extreme; brick kilns are dry and dusty; mines are damp and dark. The terrain over which they carry heavy loads can be dangerous and often leads to painful injuries. From pain relief for wounds and damaged joints to antibiotics to treat infections, you can help free animals from unnecessary suffering. This gift could also allow Brooke veterinarians to have increased presence at these sites and others to reach more animals and owners.

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This gift could provide comprehensive training for a vet or local animal healthcare provider to set up a veterinary practice or provide farrier services. It might include the equipment and skills needed to make sure a whole community’s animals enjoy the best possible health. For example, damaged, painful hooves from rough roads can cause constant suffering, but Brooke can help them to walk in comfort by training and equipping new and existing farriers in poor communities. It could also help Brooke veterinarians who are often working and living in very remote areas to receive the additional training that they need to improve the lives of these animals.

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Brooke mobile vets are a lifeline to animals in remote areas. This gift could help our "vets on wheels" by giving them the training and equipment they need to reach suffering animals - especially in areas where no other help is available to those animals. This caring gift could ensure that mobile vet units are stocked with the essential medicines to treat animals, and the materials they need to train owners.  This is a wonderful way to enable Brooke’s vets on wheels to continue to reach suffering animals right where these animals live, whether they're working on mountain tops or garbage dumps, in slate mines or rice fields, on city streets or in jungles.

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Brooke veterinary clinics provide treatment for animals whose owners would never be able to afford treatment otherwise. This gift could help to stock necessary medicine and give terribly sick, injured and exhausted equine patients a few days to heal in a peaceful environment, surrounded by our trained professional healthcare givers. It may be the only time in those animals' lives when they will have time-off from back-breaking work and know the bliss of enough food, water, kind words, a little green turn-out paddock with shade, or the end of a painful injury. Their poor owners will be instructed in ways to prevent future suffering to ensure a better life for the animals and a better livelihood for themselves as they go home with their now-healthy animals to work alongside.

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Women are often responsible for the animals in their communities.  Their equines often provide much of the "heavy lifting" associated with household chores such as fetching water from remote wells, carrying produce and other goods to market, etc. and for earning extra money outside the home. These hard-working animals also help women to earn enough money to buy clothing, food, medicine, and to pay school fees so their children can receive an education. 

Your gift could train impoverished women to provide better care for the animals on whom they and their children so desperately depend. It could also support women's equine welfare groups to help them understand and care for their horses and donkeys better through group meetings led by our Brooke staff and trained animal health workers.




India's equine fairs are enormous congregations of animals and people, and often in locations with very limited resources.  As such, horses, mules and donkeys are exposed to numerous welfare risks, such as injuries, wounds, dehydration, heat stress and disease. Brooke India teams visit dozens of these fairs each year and provide education and training to local communities, spreading awareness of the importance and benefits of good equine welfare practices, both for the animals and the people. The Fairs are a vital opportunity to reach equine owners, officials and service providers, all key to ensuring change in practice and better care. 

Your donation of $5,000 or more automatically inducts you into the Dorothy Brooke Society, our distinguished group of major donors who honor the passion and determination of Brooke’s founder. The Dorothy Brooke Society recognizes Brooke USA’s philanthropic leaders who devote their time, talent and treasure toward advancing the mission of Brooke USA.

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